CNG conversion for taxi

Vehicle Year, Make and Model:
2012 Chevrolet Impala

Engine Type:

Conversion Details:
Dedicated CNG Conversion

Taxies and airport shuttles are one of the biggest natural gas (CNG) adapters, replacing diesel- and gasoline-fueled models at U.S. airports all across the nation.

NGV Texas has been helping local taxi drivers not only to convert their gasoline taxis to eco-friendly versions equipped with compressed natural gas (CNG) engines, but also provide friendly financing to facilitate smooth transaction. This innovative program was specifically designed to help independent taxi drivers and co-ops who otherwise might not be able to afford new vehicles, let alone lower-emission vehicles. The result is next-generation natural gas taxis that offer consumers considerable fuel savings and emit much less pollution than other taxis.

Benefits of dedicated conversions:

Annual Fuel Savings (up to 80%)
EPA Approved
Head of the Line Privilege
Engine Longevity
No Limit on Horsepower
Estimated 1 Year Payback (most cases)Financing Available

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