F350 CNG bifuel

Truck Brand:
Ford F-Series

Engine Type:
6.2 L (V8)

Conversion Details:
Bi Fuel CNG Conversion (mixed fuel blend)

This 2014 Ford F350 Super Duty pickup came with a new 6.2L hardened engine platform and than was upgraded by NGV Texas with EPA approved CNG conversion kit for Ford F-250 and F-350 trucks to run on both gasoline and CNG. The customer requested 24 GGE tank to be installed in the bed of the truck.  As the result the truck can operate on either one of the fuels allowing to burn cleaner, cheaper, domestically produced CNG, when available, as well as gasoline fuel when needed.

Benefits of bi-fuel cng conversions:

Annual Fuel Savings (20%-30%)
EPA Approved
No Loss of Pulling Torque
Engine Longevity
No Limit on Horsepower
Estimated 1 Year Payback (most cases)
Financing Available
Transitions to 100% Gasoline Anytime

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