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Advanced CNG technologies used in our CNG conversions will provide superior quality, reliability, usability and enhanced esthetics.  Our customers find operation of the CNG vehicles exceeding their expectations.

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NGV Texas prides itself on providing superior customer and technical support for CNG conversions that goes above and beyond our customers’ expectations.

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We are the preferred choice with CNG Conversion service and our 100% satisfaction guarantee. No job is too small or too large for our organization. Our goal is to have satisfied customers every time.

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Choose NGV Texas as your CNG conversion partner to get a satisfying experience in the conversion of light, medium or heavy duty vehicles, all under one roof.  We specialize in Natural Gas Technologies not just one vehicle or method.

CNG Isuzu NPR Refer

2014 Isuzu with CNG Dedicated Conversion with 52GGE

Truck Brand: Isuzu NPR Engine Type: Chevy V8 6.0L Conversion Details: Dedicated CNG Conversion (CNG Only) This 2013 Isuzu NPR with Refer Box was upgraded with Dedicated Fuel Conversion system offered by Landi Ranzo and three CNG tanks (21×60, 19×36 type 3) for the total fuel capacity of 52.2GGE. As the result the truck can…