NGV Texas is a one stop shop for all of the natural gas conversion, technology and research and development needs. At our 25,000 sq.ft facility located in Dallas Texas we specializes in performing compressed natural gas conversions on  any vehicle from light, medium and heavy duty class.  NGV Texas has been the pioneer in implementation of many EPA approved CNG conversion kits providing its clients and partners with the most technologically advanced way to convert to CNG. We have accumulative experience of over 100 years and thousands of vehicles converted to CNG. Among those vehicles now operated on CNG are passenger vehicles, trucks, vans, school buses, shuttle buses, fleet vehicles owned by  federal, state and local governments, private and public corporations as well as small business owners.

For the last several years NGV Texas has been at the leading edge of implementation of the safest and most technologically advantageous CNG conversion technologies. Each CNG conversion we install meets and exceeds not only stringent EPA and /or California Air Resources Board (CARB) requirements, but also industry standards. In conjunction with world leading CNG conversion leading kit and CNG tank manufactures we were the first CNG conversion company in the nation to successfully convert several truck platforms to both dedicated CNG conversion system as well as dual CNG conversion systems.

cng conversion shop

cng conversion shop

NGV Texas provides fast, efficient, reliable and cost effective CNG conversions backed by written warranties, preventive maintenance and repair service on all CNG dedicated and bi fuel systems. We have implemented several of our patented technologies to decrease fueling time while increase safety of CNG conversion systems on heavy duty vehicle.

Our experienced state licensed ASE technicians licensed by Texas RailRoad Commission stand ready to install EPA / CARB certified CNG conversions on your vehicle or inspect CNG tanks.

Please give us a call TODAY to discuss how our expertise and technological know how can help your business to save money from operating your fleet on natural gas.

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