Towing Industry


Dual-Fuel Cng conversions with 45GGE of CNG on the truck. Fast fueling interface. Reinforced tank brackets.


Use of natural gas allows has allowed the customer to save amount of money greater than the monthly payment for the truck.

Towing companies are among some of the heaviest fuel users on the road because their engines have to be running at all the time. The truck has to be running for the towing bed to be operational. As the result, those guys have a very high fueling expenses. Switching to CNG can not only help to dramatically reduce the fueling costs but also amount of pollution output in the environment from the truck operations.

Some of the clients that have incorporated CNG operated trucks in their towing fleets reporting amount of fuel savings on the monthly basis for Cng truck greater than the monthly payments on that CNG truck, which makes it a free truck in a way! That is right, by saving 40%+ on the fuel savings you can relocate money to other things that are more important for your business.

Please call us and ask how to implement similar program in your fleet.

Isuzu CNG

Isuzu CNG

Isuzu CNG