Truck Brand:
Isuzu NPR

Engine Type:
Chevy V8 6.0L

Conversion Details:
Dedicated CNG Conversion (CNG Only)

This 2013 Isuzu NPR with Refer Box was upgraded with Dedicated Fuel Conversion system offered by Landi Ranzo and three CNG tanks (21×60, 19×36 type 3) for the total fuel capacity of 52.2GGE. As the result the truck can operate on Compressed natural gas (CNG) allowing to burn cleaner, cheaper, domestically produced fuel. The tanks were installed under the truck in compliance with federal and state regulations and expect to provide up to 400 miles range on CNG. Customers will experience 100% fuel displacement on this EPA approved, CNG conversion.

Benefits of dedicated CNG conversions:

Substantial Fuel Savings (as low as $0.60 a gallon)
Eligibility for Federal and State Incentives
Extended Engine Life
Reduction in Maintenance Cost
High Efficiency and Rodust Performance
Reduced Engine Noise
Significantly Lower Emissions
1500 CNG Stations and Growing