School Bus Brand:

Engine Type:
DT 466

Conversion Details:
Dedicated CNG Conversion (CNG Only)

This 2006 International School Bus was upgraded with Dedicated Fuel Conversion system offered by NGV Motori and four CNG tanks (16×72, 16×45 type 1 and 3) for the total fuel capacity of 60GGE. As the result the truck can operate on Compressed natural gas (CNG) allowing to burn cleaner, cheaper, domestically produced fuel. The tanks were installed under the bus in compliance with federal and state regulations and expect to provide up to 350 miles range on CNG. Customers will experience 100% fuel displacement on this EPA approved, CNG fueling conversion.

As a part of the conversion from diesel to CNG the engine was completely re-manufactured and equipped with  hardened valves and pistons. We went ahead and replaced Allison transmission at the time of the conversion which will now give this CNG powered vehicle another 6-8 years of life.

Benefits of dedicated CNG conversions:

Substantial Fuel Savings (as low as $0.60 a gallon)
Eligibility for Federal and State Incentives
Extended Engine Life
Reduction in Maintenance Cost
High Efficiency and Rodust Performance
Reduced Engine Noise
Significantly Lower Emissions
1500 CNG Stations and Growing

CNG School Bus Case Studies

Plenty of case studies of utilization on Natural Gas in School fleets can be found through internet and goverment publications. For your convenience we have included a few:

Kansas City Kansas Public Schools Invests in CNG Buses
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Natural Gas for School Buses
CNG School Bus Fleet News
Alternative Fuels Data Center

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